Removal of Comments

Hello “Save Pigeon Lake” Supporters

The true purpose of our web site has been to provide facts and information pertaining to our ongoing struggle to deal with the intentional seeding and mechanical harvesting of “cultivated” rice in our Federal waterways.

It has never been our mission to provide a forum for derogatory comments or misinformed notions about the situation at hand and understandably emotions have run high.

In the interest of a harmonious community, and the true spirit of working together to find solutions we are suspending the comment section of this website.

We appreciate the suggestions and support you have given to Save Pigeon Lake. We need to continue to build our base of supporters and request that you continue to let your neighbours and friends know of the Save Pigeon Lake initiative. This initiative has grown beyond just Pigeon Lake as the Intentional Seeding of new rice beds has admittedly been taking place in other Federal lakes within the Trent Severn waterways. This is now a concern for all Canadians who have enjoyed these waters.

If you wish to be a supporter please contact us at

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Parks Canada Cancelling Permit

Dear Save Pigeon Lake supporters

As you are aware, Parks Canada and First Nations met on Friday August 28th to discuss the First Nation’s objection that Parks Canada issued a permit without consideration of the First Nation’s rights to be consulted prior to issuing of a permit to cut wild rice. This is a legal obligation and Parks Canada acknowledged they (First Nations) should have been consulted before issuing the permit.

Parks Canada has cancelled the permit. Although you, like myself are disappointed with this result I believe it would be in our best interest to respect the cancellation and cease to do any further cutting this year.

Last week’s meeting resulted in a positive step towards finding solutions to the rice proliferation in the Trent Severn Waterways. I am encouraged that Parks Canada and the First Nations have agreed to further talks. Hopefully, these talks which are to commence as soon as possible will take into consideration the needs of the First Nations and all of the people who have enjoyed the Trent Severn waterways for over a century. Solutions can be found if we all work together.

Thank you for your support and your respectful consideration in honouring the cancellation of the rice cutting permit. You may be assured we will continue to express your concerns to all levels of Government impressing on them their responsibility to find a solution to the deliberate seeding and commercial harvesting in Federal Waterways which is causing irreparable harm to us all. If you have any questions please contact me at

Larry Wood

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