Kawartha Conservation – Lake Management Planning and the Wild Rice

From: “Brett Tregunno”
Date: January 12, 2015 at 12:12:15 PM EST
To: “‘Save Pigeon Lake'”
Subject: RE: Brief summary
Hi Larry,

Here is a brief summary of our current actions in relation to Lake Management Planning and the Wild Rice issue on southern Pigeon Lake.

We are aware of your community’s concern regarding the proliferation of aquatic plants, particularly wild rice in southern Pigeon Lake, and are currently attempting to find management solutions that address these concerns. After consulting with many agencies, stakeholder organizations, academics, First Nations representatives, and shoreline association representatives, we are more aware than ever that there are no simple solutions.

Kawartha Conservation is partnering with City of Kawartha Lakes to develop a Pigeon Lake Management Plan. A significant component of this plan will detail science-based actions to address specific issues relevant to local shoreline communities. Providing responsible aquatic plant control options in southern Pigeon Lake, reducing blue-green algae blooms in northern Pigeon Lake, and maintaining important natural habitats within the lake basin have all been identified as top priority issues. The actions developed through this plan will not be legally binding, but will recommend a common approach to maintaining healthy lake conditions for shoreline communities and the natural environment. We expect to complete this Plan in early 2016 and are already undertaking certain early implementation actions.

To specifically address the issue of wild rice proliferation and potential management options, we will be forming a Wild Rice Working Group within the next month. It is our intention that this group will be represented by all key stakeholders that are related to the wild rice issue, including but not limited to: Park Canada, First Nations, Shoreline Communities, and scientists with background in aquatic vegetation. This group will be formed on a short-term basis, with a sole purpose to develop wild rice management recommendations that will inform the Pigeon Lake Management Plan and existing aquatic plant control policies. We will be extending an invitation to your community for a representative to participate on this Working Group.

At this time, we feel that the Wild Rice Working Group and the Pigeon Lake Management Plan is our best approach towards finding common understanding, agreement on and any possible solutions to the wild rice issue on southern Pigeon Lake.

Brett Tregunno
Aquatic Biologist
277 Kenrei Road
Lindsay, ON K9V 4R1

Tel: 705.328.2271 ext. 222
Fax: 705.328.2286

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2 thoughts on “Kawartha Conservation – Lake Management Planning and the Wild Rice

  1. The strange, inverted, logic that presupposes wild rice is harmful to aquatic-life is, indeed, a skewed logic. The fanciful allusion/illusion that a ten-million dollar debt in Bobcaygeon is somehow related to seasonal growth and harvesting of wild rice is the miraculous stretch of a bizarre imagination. In this sense when the provincial government began constructing the lock canal and Thomas Need began his logging operations in the 1850’s both operations must, surely, be considered detrimental. I guess what I want to say is don’t be afraid. The rice is a good thing and increases aquatic biodiversity (considering it invasive is a mad fallacy). The combined attraction to the region for great fishing and wild rice can be a beneficial two-pronged approach to generating tourism dollars. Imagine a local restaurant serving up locally caught fish on a fluffy bed of locally harvested wild rice! What a concept! The settler-descended inhabitants of this region must realize that they are allies, well, should be allies, with the indigenous peoples, united in unwavering reciprocal sovereignty. And, hey, maybe even respect the locavore entrepreneurial spirit. I think there is a real chance for some positive effects to result from this situation.

  2. Hello

    We the people who live here and pay tax’s to our great Canadian goverment would hope you would do the right thing and help us in our need to fix this Wild rice PROBLEM ,It has chocked out Pigeon lake and other’s now as it has migrated very fast by the unchecked seeding & harvesting of this wild rice we are rapidly losing pigeon lake and other’s in the Kawartha’s! The fish have to be able to swim freely in order to survive if they can Not swim they will die off then what are you going to do ? assemble yet another committee to look for what should be the obvious answer. The management solution’s are very clearly here as is the very simple solution the power’s to be must make and ENFORCE a law which make’s it against the law for anyone to illegaly HARVEST OR SEED Wild Rice in Pigeon lake (Kawartha Lake’s.) We the people of Pigeon Lake have for many year’s now been asking for the help of our elected goverment and the department’s of goverment such as Park’s Canada, Trent Severn Waterway’s, Aquatic Biologist’s Kawartha Conservation. Pigeon Lake is a man made lake it is Not natural as our First Nation brother’s & sister’s would like people to believe ,These were farmer’s field’s with a narrow creek that was made into a lake in the early 1900’s to float log’s from place to place to build all these great town’s !.Our Mayor say’s that the city of Bobcaygeon is Ten Million dollar’s in the hole, Well the vacationer’s and home buyer’s are not coming here anymore due to the very very bad condition’s of the lakes. Let’s clean them up now NOT year’s from now !. 07-19-2015.

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