Selwyn Township - Resolution No. 2014 - 200 - Rice Harvesting in Pigeon Lake

Resolution No. 2014 - 200 - Rice Harvesting in Pigeon Lake
Councillor Donna Ballantyne – Councillor Anita Locke -
That the correspondence and information provided by Larry Wood related to mechanical wild rice harvesting be received for information; and

That the Township of Selwyn send correspondence to the Federal Minister of Environment Leona Aglukkaq strongly urging that as noted in the 2012 correspondence sent to Mr. Wood from previous Minister, Peter Kent, a wild rice policy be developed and further that in developing the policy, due regard be given to how mechanical wild rice harvesting and seeding is significantly impacting how residents are able to enjoy our waterways and the quality of these waterways; and

Further that the correspondence also note the need for the Federal and Provincial governments to clearly define their roles and jurisdiction related to harvesting and seeding wild rice as there are disparities in who has jurisdiction over regulating the practice; who is able to issue permits; what types of rice harvesting are permitted (mechanical or by canoe); and for what purpose (cultural, commercial etc…); who is responsible to determine and regulate whether Ergot, reported to be dangerous if eaten, is present in the wild rice which is being sold commercially; who is responsible for laying charges if necessary, related to the current mechanical wild rice harvesting taking place on Pigeon Lake; and

Further that clarification be provided on whether wild rice can be defined as ‘wild’ when it is being mechanically harvested and seeded; and that the Township of Selwyn and Peterborough County O.P.P. Detachment Commander Tim Tatchell be copied on the responses made by the Federal and Provincial governments for information; and that the Federal and Provincial governments be asked to respond by the Spring of 2015 well in advance of the next harvesting season; and

That a copy of this Resolution be sent to Premier Kathleen Wynne, M.P. Dean Del Mastro, M.P.P. Jeff Leal, the Minister of Natural Resources, the Minister of Environment, the presidents of AMO and ROMA, the local Trent Severn Waterway offices, the Warden for the Trent Severn Waterway Enforcement Division and Larry Wood.

Mayor Mary Smith – yes
Councillor Donna Ballantyne – yes
Councillor Anita Locke – yes
Deputy Mayor Andy Mitchell – yes
Councillor Sherry Senis - yes

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