3 thoughts on “Save the Tri-Lakes Community Meeting - Wild Rice Harvesting”

  1. Well if we will lose rights to our waterfront. Why do we pay property tax for it? How many of us are there? 150? At a $2000/yr discount? Whoever wins this battle can pay that bill.

  2. I have been so disappointed in politics especially our federal and provincial governments. It was not like this when I retired and used our savings to buy property on Pigeon Lake nd build our home to retire in and live out our lives peacefully. For the first few years it was wonderful and we were so happy in moving here from Waterloo Region.
    After a short time later James Whetung came in to destroy everyone and say go to hell to you and the Government. If it wasn’t for Savepigeonlake the Government would be happy to let it go. When this comes to a boiling point and it will things will be tougher to settle.
    Until things are agreed upon to everyone’s satisfaction I believe our property taxes should be cut in half and back dated until this has been resolved. Unfortunately money talks in all cases.

  3. Maybe there is some hope which I have lost over the years. I think everyone did a great job at the meeting keeping it nice except for one lady. Calling us white supremacists and terrorists because we want to use part of the TSW was so disappointing. I hope her feelings were just hers.
    We are people that came up here for peace and enjoyment of the lakes and paid the price and continue to pay for it in our taxes. Living on the waterfront costs so much more but now there is no waterfront. We do not want to fight about a right to enjoy it after all these years. We would appreciate some kind of a compromise. I also think that we could ask James Whetung to get a muffler on the airboat so we don’t have to keep our windows closed on the nice fall days.

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