Update re Pigeon lake Wild Rice Management Plan

Update re Pigeon lake Wild Rice Management Plan

As you are aware Parks Canada and representatives from the Williams Treaties First Nations have been working on a plan for Wild  Rice Management. The objective of the plan is to fulfill the needs of First Nation Harvesters and at the same time ensure unobstructed access to the Waterway for traditional uses we have enjoyed in the past. 

They have been meeting regularly over the past  months and it has been 

acknowledged that they are making progress. However you have probably guessed, that due to these troubling times the talks have been put on hold for the time being. 

We have been advised by Parks Canada that they are focused on distilling the discussions that have occurred to date into the format of a plan that they can bring back to the table. Their plan is to resume the meetings with First Nations as soon as feasible once the Government gives the direction to resume normal operations.

I am not optimistic that this will happen in the near future which could result in no Wild Rice Management Plan in place for the growing season this year.. However  with today’s technology it could happen?

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1 thought on “Update re Pigeon lake Wild Rice Management Plan”

  1. I have such empathy for Pigeon Lake property owners. I was forced to sell my waterfront property on PL (south of the sandbanks) because it was impossible to get my boat from my dock to a truly navigable part of PL since the crops & weeds would choke my propeller every 2 minutes. I got sick & tired of shutting the engine off, jumping in the water to clear the prop and climb out to restart the boat. I surmised that at some point, the property values would lose their niche &’ worth’ as a waterfront property because of the lack of usable waterway. What a shame since the area is beautiful & the people are so friendly.

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